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Residential solar panels are more than an alternative energy source for reducing or eliminating monthly energy bills. They can represent freedom from the energy grid during brownouts and power outages during heat waves or in the wake of heavy wind storms. At Blueline Energy, we bring cost-effective solar panel solutions to homeowners across Illinois who want to power their homes with reliable, budget-friendly energy that minimizes their environmental footprint along the way. We help answer questions like ‘How many solar panels do I need?’ and ‘How much solar do I need?’ with correct information for Illinois homeowners.

Are you thinking about converting your home to solar? Learn more about the benefits and how easy it can be to switch with Blueline Energy.

Benefits of going solar

Going solar in almost any state is worth it, but Illinois residents see extraordinary value in making the switch. Some if the solar incentives could include:

  • Cost-efficient energy production: Solar can produce a positive ROI if your home uses at least 500 kWh per month. Most homes in Illinois easily surpass this amount (coming in at approximately 721 kWh per house).
  • Tax incentives: If you own an Illinois home and install solar panels, you may qualify for the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), which makes you eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% of the system’s price. You may be eligible for additional solar incentives depending on your region, income, and home.
  • Access to solar energy that can power your entire home: Once you have a professional assess your home’s utility usage and roof size, you can determine ‘How many solar panels do I need?’ From there, you can install enough to fully power your home on sunny days or generate excess energy which is then delivered back into the grid (or hold in a reserve battery).
  • Increasing your home’s value: Installing solar panels can increase your home’s value on the market. However, the increase in value may not be taxed, resulting in tax-free asset growth.

Is Solar Worth It in Illinois?

Many people imagine solar panels on desert homes or only in hot regions where the sun is constantly beating down on the buildings below. However, today’s solar panels can efficiently generate solar energy from sunlight in northern states and all throughout the year. Panels can be installed at the proper angle to align with the sun’s path across the sky, and many systems can also include motors that change the tilt of the panels to align with the sun’s movement, ensuring optimal energy generation.

How many solar panels do you need for solar to be worth it in Illinois?

The dimensions of solar panels are approximately 65 inches by 39 inches, so it’s a matter of balancing your home’s energy needs against available space on the southern-facing side of your roof or backyard of your property. Other factors that can impact how many solar panels you need include how much of your roof is covered by trees, your typical usage per hour or per day, and the number of peak sunlight hours in your region of Illinois. A professional can assess your home to tell you how big of a solar system you need.

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How to Choose the Best Illinois Solar Panel Company

There are many different solar companies active in Illinois, and it’s important to choose the right one. Look for a service that:

  • Offers a wide range of financial options
  • Can tell you exactly how many solar panels you need before you sign anything
  • Have thorough resources about tax credits and financial incentives for installing solar
  • Never gives you vague answers or generalizations about what size solar system you need

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment for your home and property, so it’s important to work with a professional, well-reviewed solar company from the outset.

Blueline Energy Helps You Go Solar

At Blueline Energy, we’re here to help you start saving money by switching to solar. We can answer all of your questions, from the size of solar panels to the ROI of solar systems. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and get specific estimates for your roof and home.

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