Our services can help you reduce energy use and save.

Find the best solutions for your business energy needs

Whether you’re a two-person shop or large corporation, Blueline Energy can help your company in these ways and more:

Lower energy rates

We’ll negotiate reduced rates through our network of trusted suppliers. Choose gas, electric or both.

Free energy analysis

Our knowledgeable representatives will review your company’s total energy usage and offer helpful suggestions for reducing costs.

LED light recommendations

Learn more about how this simple change can have a big financial impact.

Complimentary energy bill audit

An energy expert will look over your current bill and let you know if anything looks amiss — rates that are too high, unexplained usage spikes, unnecessary fees and more.

Solar energy options

Thinking about going green? Blueline Energy can help your business make the switch.


Rooftop Solar process and timelines. Overall process takes 60-90 days after contract signing:

Step in the Process Time Description
Customer Consultation < 60 minutes Reviewing with our customer the benefits of solar; an obligation free initial proposal can be generated by Blueline simply by sharing a utility bill.
Virtual Site Survey < 60 minutes Simple and guided process that involves Blueline taking photos around the home of things like the roof, utility meter, electrical panel.
Design & Engineering 1 week Final confirmation of the proposal based on AI and site survey.
Contract & Document Collection 1 week Solar and Finance documents signed.
Permitting & Interconnection 4-6 weeks State and muni approvals, HOA, and Utility paperwork. Timelines vary based on the town.
Installation < 2 days Skillful, timely and precise installation on your rooftop.
Inspection < 2 weeks Final inspection and connection to the utility.
Permission to Operate 1 week Utility sign off and all bi-directional energy metering in place.