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Commercial solar panels are a powerful tool for businesses. They can increase a property’s value, reduce monthly utility costs, and even improve your brand position by going green. All those benefits and countless others can become a key part of your business strategy with a commercial solar installation project. Partner with Blueline Energy for cost-effective commercial solar panel installation that strengthens your business operations, marketing, and more.

Why Does Solar Work in Illinois?

Solar panels are built to work in more environments and regions than they could previously. Even during the fall and winter months, solar panels for businesses can be oriented towards the sun’s path to capture optimal levels of sunlight and generate electricity. Solar panels work better in Illinois than it may seem. For example, Chicago has been ranked second in the Midwestern metroplex for solar power setups.

Some of the key considerations for commercial solar installation include:

Flat roofs: If your commercial property has a flat roof, most of the surface area can then hold panels oriented with a south-facing tilt for direct access to the sun’s rays throughout the year.

Financial incentives: Solar panels can reduce or eliminate electricity costs for your property, as well as offer consistent operations during a power outage. If you also have on-site batteries, that power remains available at night or during a storm. The commercial solar panel installation project itself can also be discounted by federal and state programs.

Customer interest: More and more consumers across different industries are prioritizing sustainability and green brands. By investing in solar energy, you’re demonstrating that sustainability is a core company value.

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How Can Businesses Take Advantage of Illinois's Commercial Solar Incentives

Solar panels inherently come with many incentives, as they can reduce your facility’s monthly utility costs. The savings even grow as your historical costs would have otherwise increased, as the increased sunlight of the summer can keep pace with air conditioning and cooling costs. However, businesses can also receive incentives and rebates for installing commercial solar panels as state and federal organizations look for ways to reduce strain on the power grid and increase sustainability practices.

Consider these paths to accessing commercial solar incentives in Illinois:

Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing: This program is managed locally and can provide financing for up to 30% of the cost of improvements like solar panels.

Region-Specific Rebates: If your property is a Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and Ameren Illinois utility customer, you can receive a $250 rebate per kWh of your new system’s capabilities.

Selling Energy to the Grid: If you produce excess solar power, you can sell that energy back to the grid through net metering practices.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Program: By producing renewable energy, you earn RECs, which can be kept or sold to businesses that want to meet sustainability metrics.

Depending on your location, property type, and the power generation capabilities of your planned commercial solar panels, you can access any or all of these financial incentives. Consult with a solar panel company to determine which option gives you the most regarding rebates, savings, and long-term power.

Blueline Energy Helps Your Business and Commercial Property Go Solar

Blueline Energy partners with commercial properties to create a solar-powered future. Our team can determine the right-size installation project for your property’s needs, help identify the financial programs and savings opportunities you’re eligible for, and install a reliable, long-lasting solar panel system on your property. Reach out today to schedule your consultation.

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